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Baby Carrier (gendongan Bayi)

Baby Carrier (gendongan Bayi)
Tanggal : 15 March 2013
Kategori : Perlengkapan Bayi
Dilihat : 1473
Kode Produk :
Stok : Ready
Harga : Rp110,000
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Contact Person : Lidia Silvi
Hotline : SMS/WA 081 131 4212
Sms Center : Line : @ourchicshop.com

Blue and Orange
packing : With color BOX
Multifunctional baby sling
[For age] 0-30 months

Extra wide thick V-type strap: V-type straight hold shoulders with more to reduce the burden on the shoulders;
Full-Wai-style head protection pad: can secure the protection of the baby’s head;
The cushion: new design, waist part of the increase cushion gently protect baby’s waist;
The arc protection head board: indeed support the baby’s back of the head, can avoid bending or unnecessary pressure;
Head protection cap: simple oIperation, disassembly, protect unstable head, both shade and avoid direct sunlight to stimulate the baby’s eyes;
The size regulation zipper: Adjustable shoulder strap with depth with the baby’s medical use;
Clasp: One-touch back button, easy to operate;
Safety buckles and side buckles: safety buckles and side buckle simple operation, even in the straight to hold your baby can also easily up and down the strap;
Breathable material: abdomen and buttocks using breathable materials, airy and comfortable. Is a addictive strap, more luxurious kind and generous, the best choice of the super popular baby sling, smart, beautiful fashion good mommy.

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