Underwear Case Organizer (UCO)


Ready : Hitam, Hijau, Orens, Merah, Pink, Magenta, Biru Aqua

Size: 28x36x13 cms
Weight: 550 grams
Material: Ripstock & PVC sheet (mika 0.3mm)

– 23 compartments/partitions to keep up to 20 panties/underwear and 3-6 bras neatly organized and stored in your closet/drawer.
– Clear/see through zippered lid to make finding the right underwear quick/easy and to protect from dirt and dust.
– Washable (hand wash).
– Removable partition with velcro fastening to make it easy to clean and can be used as multipurpose case (lingerie, socks, t-shirts, blanket,towel,etc).

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